This post is long overdue. Borrow Dogs may be a solo operation, but it could not have happened or gotten to this stage without the help & support of sooo many people.

Most impawtant of all is the original Borrow Dog, Ollie & his most amazing mum Petris. The two of them changed my life & of course it was while walking Ollie that the idea for Borrow Dogs was formulated. I do miss my media star.

Though happy to go out on my own with the idea, I still needed reassurance that what I was dreaming of was possible. Em James, Community Worker extraordinaire stepped up with her support, letting me know she was there in any way I might need.  I was not alone.

When I put out the call for a logo, Daniel Canaris produced the rough prototype, for what would ultimately be commissioned, in under an hour. I have never met Daniel, but his heart & soul are beautiful. I love the logo & that Daniel understood my vague ideas so well.

How did Daniel hear about my call out, his incredible sister Amy, whose energy & passion is second to none. Amy has always been exuberant in her support for local endeavours, she promotes, posters, letterbox drops, tweets & talks to people about all that is going on. Her smile is a tremendous attractant. Paws crossed she has the time to be editor of ‘The Woof Chronicles’. It will be soo much more fun with her at the helm.

Then there is Kath at Annerley Community Plus & Handmade High Street. In both positions Kath has always spread the word, sharing flyers with any peep who so much as mentioned the word dog to her. Kath designed one of the Borrow Dogs posters & has always given an ear to my confused thoughts, whilst also straightening out some of my technical blunders.

As for this website, I am forever indebted to Andy & Nicole Haughan. They put me up for a weekend at their house, fed me, entertained me & built me a website. Again, Andy & Nicole, were able to see concrete answers to my vague ideas & really iron out for me how it would ultimately function. Andy set up the page, found the necessary plug in & tried to show/explain to me what he was doing.  Hee hee, a weekend was never going to be long enough. With a young family, their own lives & my constant lack of directional strategy, a sensible repreive was granted this couple, when I realised I needed to hire someone to bring to fruition Andy’s groundwork & my ultimate vision.

Kathryn Gough came onboard & worked for an incredible dog lover’s discount rate. Kathryn was eternally patient & committed, deciphering my emails in order to create the practical application that now exists.

Just knowing these people existed & supported me made a world of difference. My gratitude to them is eternal, making dogs happier is a dream that truly fires me & they have all helped me do that. I’m incredibly lucky to be so blessed.

Of course at home, I have my husband & two cats. Andrew has always seen the money we spend on Borrow Dogs as a positive investment in my happiness. The cats, well they are just happy a dog can make me tired enough for them to sleep on my lap when I get home.

And thank you to all who have joined the site, shared it & loved a dog.

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